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Fighting has no season! I’m consistently competing in striking, grappling, and MMA events. Check this out to find out where and when. Grappling tournaments don’t require any time off in between like striking competitions do, and so you can have hundreds of matches per year if you’re extra motivated to do so. Fighting skill benefits from experience like any other skill, and the more you compete in public, the more you can manage the massive adrenaline dump of fighting.


Depending on your goals, fighters compete at wildly different rates. Extremely well known boxers and fighters like Floyd Mayweather or Conor Mcgregor may fight only once a year or even less, while newer MMA fighters may enter grappling tournaments, muay thai fights, and boxing matches monthly or even more often.

I’m still currently at the stage in my career where as much experience as possible is still a huge benefit. Grappling Industries allows Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown and Black Belts to compete for free, which is excellent. Their round robin format helps you to get as many as 10 matches in a single day, which is far more than most other tournaments. Their consistent appearance in Florida makes their events easy for me to get to from where I live and train in Port Charlotte.

Why you should compete constantly to improve as a Fighter

Samuel Johnson said all that needed to be said, “Nothing concentrates the brain like the information that one will be hanged in the first part of the day.”

On the off chance that you have a competition coming up in a month, at that point definitely you’re going to prepare in an unexpected way.

Essentially you won’t have any desire to resemble a moron on rivalry day, so you’ll give more consideration during boring… You’ll avoid less classes… You’ll do extra molding… You’ll chip away at fixing up your powerless territories and honing your primary weapons.

You can’t remain in rivalry mode constantly. In the event that you do, at that point you’ll overtrain and wind up wiped out or harmed – even the star’s take it simpler when they don’t have a major competition to prepare for. In any case, rivalry mode is a decent spot to visit now and again and it will hone your game.

Likewise you can gain proficiency with a great deal at the genuine competition itself.

For instance, you’ll run into individuals you don’t have a clue and styles you’re new to. This conflict of styles can show you a ton!

Possibly everybody at your school passes the gatekeeper on the knees, yet at the competition you notice what number of individuals utilize standing watchman passes. You may get back home from that competition with the information that you have to take a shot at your standing gatekeeper pass safeguards.

Or on the other hand perhaps beginning your feet toward the start of the match causes you to understand that you either need to gain proficiency with certain takedowns or focus on the subtleties of pulling monitor.

Or on the other hand possibly an intense match against an arachnid monitor authority makes you resolved to create a couple of great, dependable goes against that position.

Or then again perhaps you winning your matches however being totally depleted toward the finish of them causes you to understand that you have to deal with your molding.

You don’t have to contend each end of the week, however even the periodic competition trip can positively affect your game.

To cite Erik Paulson, “Once in a while you learn more in one rivalry than you do in a half year of preparing.”