Michael Whalon and his transition to MMA is a long time coming. He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Robbie Craddock transitioning to compete in Mixed Martial Arts at Wolfpack South BJJ.

Michael began wrestling as a sophomore in high school at Manchester High School in Chesterfield, Virginia. He was introduced to grappling by a friend and began attending open mats and competing as a white belt for the first time at age 18 before joining the United States Marine Corps shortly after graduating High School. He picked BJJ up again after being stationed in Okinawa Japan where he was successful in local tournaments as well as the IBJJF Asian Open. Michael Whalon MMA career began with his first fight on Feb 15th at Vigilant MMA.

Find out more about the history of BJJ at http://www.michaelwhalonmma.com/what-is-mixed-martial-arts/

BJJ Lineage Jigoro Kano -> Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> George Gracie -> Jurandyr Moura -> Charles Dos Anjos -> Robbie Craddock -> Michael Whalon

Chronological BJJ Biography / Record

IBJJF Asian Open 2015 winner White Belt 76kg 

Okinawa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship 

  • 1st Blue belt gi 76kg All Submissions 
  • 3rd gi absolute 
  • 1st Nogi 76kg Advanced All Submissions 
  • 1st Nogi Absolute Advanced All Submissions 

Ryukyu Free Fight Volume VIII

  • 1st Blue belt Gi All Submissions
  • 2nd Blue belt gi absolute
  • 1st Nogi Advanced All Submissions
  • 1st Nogi Advanced Absolute

Okinawa Nogi Sub Only Grappling Championship 

  • 1st 170lbs Nogi Advanced All Submissions 
  • Fastest Submission Average (:40)
  • 24.000 Yen Cash Prize 

NAGA Charlotte 

  • 1st Nogi Advanced All Submissions (Footlocks) 
  • 1st Blue belt Gi All Submissions 


US Grappling Va Beach 

  • 1st Nogi Advanced All Submissions(Footlocks) 

Newbreed Richmond

  • 1st Nogi Advanced All Submissions 
  • 1st Gi Blue belt All Submissions 
  • 3rd Nogi Advanced Absolute 2016 

NA ADCC East Coast Pro Trials 2016

  • Submission win over Black Belt Jason Soliz via Heel Hook

Projisu Blue Belt Absolute EBI Rules

  • 1st
  • 5 heel hook wins

Grappling Industries DC/MD 2017

  • 1st Gi Blue Belt
  • 1st Nogi Advanced

Grappling Industries NC/SC 2018

  • 3rd Advanced Absolute @ 160 lbs
    Sirius Grappling 2&3 Superfight Winner
Michael Whalon MMA